21st of may 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //11:16 a.m.

aaaagh! i was supposed to do the aids walk today... and the notice said "meet by the lower entrance between 7:30 and 7:45". so, okay, i wake up 6:30-ish, take a shower, get ready, etc. i'm out the door by 7:20. my car decides to be an ass and doesn't feel like starting. -__-' i look at the time. 7:22. okay, i have just enough time to barely make it if i walk. so i walk. hell, i even RAN part of the way. and i get to the lower entrance. it's 7:46. AND NO ONE IS THERE!?! i mean, if i had missed them, i would've atleast thought i would see them driving by. guess not! either that or i got the time wrong. or they were all up in the store. ehn. fuggit. now i have a whole sunday to do absolutely nothing! hurrah! and why are the gimme gimmes on my playlist!

20th of may 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //04:12 p.m.

it has certainly been a while.

well let's see! what's happened since the last entry? a whole lot!! pretty sweet how much you can cram into 1 1/2 months if you get up off your ass.

in a nutshell, besides working constantly in retail hell, i've gone to a bunch of shows, john's and daichi's bands among them (tsuka... itsunomanika freeshotz no top 8 ni haitta kedo!? haha, yay! how spechal), finally got to hang with angel a couple of times, caught his cold from hell as a result, hung out with anna, and khushi too(!) now that school's out, met a myspace peep, cursed out ty pennington for blocking off half of bergenfield for his extreme home makeover show, trashed a diner with him (myspace buddy, not ty pennington), got hit on by some drunkards, i got hammered several times, i tried flying once, and i was violated by my gyno. hoo-rah. oh, and randomly, angel took me to a nature preserve to go hiking. in ENGLEWOOD WTF!?! haha. that just cracks me up. a nature preserve in englewood of all places. apparently it's a real hot spot for the potheads?? but i dunno how safe i'd feel getting high where there's bushels of poison ivy everywhere.

i got so sick the other day smack in the middle of work. because add to a buncha other factors, my mom isn't letting me eat because of a fasting condition she's forcing me to go through. i cheated when she wasn't around. it's not MY religion. and if i have to choose between eating and horrible nausea? i don't know about you, but i think i'll go with the eating, thanks. matt let me sit out for a while, mostly because i think he was afraid i would upchuck on the customers. everyone kept asking me if i was preggers -__-; what euris had to say about that, "typical! you get some ass and they all think you're pregnant. I don't get that!" GEE I WONDER WHY MAYBE THE FACT THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A UTERUS!?!? atleast... i really hope he doesn't have one... because that would just be weird.

1st of april 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //03:23 p.m.

er... a happy april fool's day?

...y'know, with the language i use, it's no wonder these searches are part of my tracking results...

"I suck my toes" interesting. and thanks for sharing?

"do claims make u horny?" no... tax forms, maybe.

"seven days of free porn"

"daddy's little lolita pics"

"brunet blond lesbians"

"redheads being raped up the ass girls pics"

scary, non? just a tad. this last one, however, takes the cake:

"why am i bloating or have grey poo?"

... ... ... i'm sorry, but i can't help you with your problem.

so, i saw john again, after about a week of.. not.. y'know, seeing him. went to see his show on saturday and ended up staying the night. his friends are nice. joey is a riot. we shared a moment, whilst making fun of the tone deaf musician raping john's keyboard. the biggest shock of my life was when i found out he had a record deal!?? ...how did that happen? he sounded like a cat in heat that was being eaten by a dog.

came home around 4-ish, when jenna and i exchanged a few txts. then we ended up going out to play pool. angel couldn't come. :( so our triangle was a line segment for the night. we'll get angel out next time. i have yet to see him outside of work! but now ben wants in on our triangular action. hmm... tricky. can we afford to expand our triangle into a quadrilateral? jenna says he can be substitute triangle in training. or something. haha.

the following day was a bad karma day. i guess to accomodate for the weekend i had :( i went for an interview, and it was a no-go. and i retain my opinion that panasonic is comprised of whores. went to work around 2:30, and molested... i mean, dressed a bunch of kid mannequinns. i was begging to go home by 6, though. i just couldn't stand to work that day. i get to my car, and apparently the light was on?? even though i drove in broad daylight?? i must've accidently clipped the switch when i got out of the car. because my battery was completely drained. and i had to wait 2 1/2 fucking hours for the AAA guy to come. luckily jenna kept me company on the phone.

the rest of the week was pretty much suck. although i was pretty productive on thursday. i've started running every day! yay! because... i am so horribly out of shape!

my manager is on my shitlist now. he suckered me into working on my one day off, when i later found out i could've spent the night in brooklyn. major hate! ah well, if i don't see him before, i'll see him at his show at cb's. come! join in the festivities! i'm thinking of driving there this time around, so we don't have to worry about missing the last bus and waiting for the next one at 5:30 in the am, or wasting $50 on a fucking taxi. i just have to hope my piece of shit car will make it.

sitting in an english garden waiting for the sun...

11th of march 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //05:06 a.m.

in the beginning, i'll admit i was upset that you guys weren't able to come with us to the comedy club last night. but now, i could NOT BE HAPPIER. (i mean, not that you couldn't come, but the result of it... eh..heheh?) bold. italics. underline. !!! anne and i went down to that awesome lounge, and i had an awesome time... well, i'm not going to lie. the opening band was pretty sub-par, and the drinks were really expensive, and we had to walk 10 miles down the street just to get some eats.

but when we got back, the band that was playing was really good. and as the last act was wrapping up, and the members of said band were hauling away their equipment, i caught the vocalist glancing my way. when he doubled back, i made sure to catch his eye and gave him a big dorky smile. he smiled back. i think, if i hadn't just downed that one beer so fast it went straight to my head, my face would've had the resemblance of a giant cranberry when he decided to come by and plop himself down on the chair next to me. and i think, i might've turned to mush and simply burbbled nonsense when he asked for my name. and i think, i wouldn't have been able to think straight and given him my zip code instead, when he asked for my number. but, as it were, i hopefully did not look like a total jackass. (although i did feel like one, when, once he gave me his number, i flipped my phone closed, only to realize i neglected to hit SAVE! ...ung... well, hopefully he'll call me) i have not felt this giddy in so very long. and i could not be happier at the moment. who's a big dork? *raises hand*

and so, at 5 in the morning, i think i'll go to sleep. and wake up hours later, hoping it wasn't all a dream. cos let's face it, i need to get laid! HA HA! JES' KIDDING!

10th of march 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //04:44 p.m.

you'd think we'd have learned by the nth time, but planning things out only leads to complete and utter failure! two of our party of four seem to not be able to join us in the attending of the funny. but all is not lost, the rest of us will just hop on over to cbgb's before it's gone forever. anna and i have been meaning to visit that little corner of rock history for a while now anyway, and what better time since we've both been itching this whole week to leave for the city. the night is beautiful!! anyone else wants to join in, give us a ring-a-ding-ding!

on another note, yet along the same lines... i've been dropped! and i hate panasonic because they're a bunch of life sucking donkey fuckers. apparently i was only useful to them for the conference in cali, and now that it's too late to train in time for the trip, i've been deemed... useless. and why exactly did it take over 2 weeks for the payroll department to approve? pretty fishy if you ask me... waiting a week only to be crushed under the corporal heels of the panasonic whores. what a fitting addition to this life of mine.

you know what i always say, life isn't a bitch; you are life's bitch, and it will fuck you as it pleases.

now if only i got paid for every fucking i got! i could buy canada!

4th of march 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //12:50 p.m.

hmm... i don't post as often as i should in order to chronicle the things that are actually worth mentioning without being cheap on the details. but here's what's been going on since the last post, way back in january:

khushi's b-day! we went down to rutgers and just went barhopping as soon as it was midnight. it's just funny how there are so many bars within a 1 mile radius of the dorms. and hon, i love you like a sister, but we are never getting you quite THAT drunk ever again.

the following weekend we headed over to the axis lounge to see daichi's band play. whoo! i had a good time, and it was nice to see him again. only had like 4 drinks though, not enough to get me tipsy, but hey! free drinks! food was ordered, but the cook didn't get there til really late, so the barmaid was treating us the whole night. ooh, then daichi treated me to a jack and coke. it is good to be 21, mang. i'm gonna die young, i can feel it.

john's b-day was a couple of weeks after. we ate at fridays and hung out at the house. then the next day we played soul caliber for hours on end. button mashing to the extreme!

recently i got a new job. i haven't started yet, and they keep pushing back my start date. but! i get to go to california on business. nyahaha...

well, that about wraps it up. until next time kiddies!

by-the-by! i'm on myspace a lot recently. look me up!!

21st of january 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //02:33 a.m.

uhm.. so what happened so far? not much really.

my birthday was spent at applebees and playing cranium at jess's house. fun stuff, guys. they had the applebees crew sing that cornball happy birthday song that they do, while i was downing long island iced teas and trying to escape to the bathroom. they warned me that this was only a taste of what was to come for next year. apparently they're taking me to hooters and making me dance on the table. i will be on holiday in canada if anyone wants to reach me.

i swear, since that applebees has opened, around a month ago, i've been there more times than is normal.

anyway. anna, you were sorta right. the waiting did pay off. in a way.

well, we finally had our little "gap night out" that we've been planning for ages. although it didn't exactly turn out how we had hoped. two people we really wanted to show up couldn't actually make it, but... the two of us had some hang time while waiting for the other three to show up. "hang time" = drinking in my car in the parking lot 'til we were both hammered, and bitching about peoples, since the others were over 2 hours late. by the time they finally came, we were pretty tipsy, i acted like such a retard while we played pool. but somehow i made a good impression and made the other sober people want to be shitfaced also. it was awesome. apparently i'm a better pool player while inebriated. btw, guys, all the shots i actually made in were TOTALLY coincedence. we should do this again sometime. in the end i was somehow able to make it home.

note to self: get benny's number first chance you get. then maybe he can actually JOIN US next time. goddamnit, why did no one think to get everyone's number. common sense. duh.

anyway, i'm still kinna... kooky. need to get sober quick. because i want to sleep. and not be hung over in the morning. nyuk nyuk.

8th of january 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //01:01 a.m.

god saves no one. he doesn't see the blood we shed. he doesn't see the tears we cry. he remains apathetic on his holy throne. he is incompetent. as incompetent as we all are. doomed to live in pandaemonium, we shake our fists at the skies and damn him down and damn him down and damn him down. destroy the world and make him share our hell. fall to our knees amongst the rubble and pray for a better reality.

i believe that i hate their heaven. their visions of a utopian society. and as such, i've always felt, that heaven hated me. but what can he do to punish me? shatter my dreams? quash my hopes? make me doubt my own beliefs? these would be my own doings. by my own hand. on my own path to self-destruction. he is incompetent.

and so ever i ask for nothing of him. for nothing is all he's ever given me. and nothing is all he can ever give me.

man is a god in his own right. drowned in blood and sweat and tears. and infinitely more perfect in his imperfection. we cause ruin again and again. build new walls. break them down. and we have an eternity of death and rebirth. perfecting, erring. succeeding, failing. though we are not strong, neither are we weak.

god is incompetent. an eternity of passive death. an oppressive stillness. an ominous presense. he sits. he watches. he rots.

they tell me i'm dying. but i'm already dead. this is why i died. i think. so that i may be given the chance to live.

hour by hour, day by day, another year, another lifetime.

1st of january 2006

... birds of a feather flock together //03:10 p.m.

a happy holidays and a happy new year indeedy. and year after year i've said in vain, "here's hoping this year will be better than the last." but can you really measure years in terms of better or worse? 365 days is such a big time frame to be able to put in one category or the other. worthwhile things will happen, as will things you may regret. caught up in the constant stream of time, days and weeks, months and years melt into one another, and all that stand out are the memories.

although i can definitely vouch for the memory of this year's new year's eve get-together being much better than last year's.

btw, i think i have an unhealthy addiction to orangina.

akemashite omedetou-su. kotoshi mo yo-ro-pi-ku. v

18th of december 2005

... birds of a feather flock together //07:15 p.m.

something unsettling about seeing kelsey grammar as beast in the new x-men movie. granted, beast is one of the more intelligent beings in the series, which is to say much for grammar's psuedo-english accent. but i mean, it's FRASIER for crying outloud! frasier, with blue fur and fangs. it's just weird.

speaking of weird. i have reclaimed my title of being the weird one! dude, that's saying a lot, considering all the weirdos i work with. it might have something to do with when i randomly passed by and claimed "they're for transvestites!" when kelly and matt were arguing whether the hats they found were for men or women. apparently i went into "uber-strange and bordering on somewhat creepy, but you know you still love me" mode today. not sure if this is something to be proud of or not. so i say that it is. i'm officially the weird one at work. whoo hoo!

today was our pj party. in other words, it was work as usual, only we all wore our pajamas, and they called it a party. hurrah hurrah.

oh, and lego star wars is adorable! first time i've been able to look at darth maul and exclaim, "so cute!!" anna and i played a few rounds the other day, since john let us borrow it. he was also nice enough to lend me shadow hearts. yays! i started it the other day, and the dialogue is so corny, as they tend to be in rpgs, but the fmvs are pretty decent. all that really matters are the battles anyway, right? right.

9th of december 2005

... birds of a feather flock together //09:56 p.m.

anyone who has even the slightest bit enjoyed ff7 needs to watch advent children if they haven't already. loved loved loved reno and rude da zotto! kinda wished the other party members had bigger parts. vinny so much better looking as not a compilation of simple geometric shapes...! big! pointy! shoes! and i'm even more anxious for dirge of cerberus to come out now.

ps, not only is it being delayed until mid-to-late 2006, but apparently twilight princess may be changed to be released for revolution rather than gamecube. WILL BE V. ANGRY IF THIS IS CONFIRMED! i cannot afford these next generation consoles. may be forced to write letters of displeasure to nintendo. who's with me!!

...cricket chirps. excellent. so my army of crickets and i will bumrush nintendo hq. we shall be a force to be reckoned with. and possibly stepped on. huzzah!

btw, i caught the last 5 minutes of leno a few nights ago, and before the musical guest, he was playing with this.. remote controlled.. helicopter.. doraemon! omg, i want it! doraemon is like... what made up my childhood. check it, who wouldn't love a blue robotic cat from the future who has a 4th dimensional pocket that contains everything imaginable?

4th of december 2005

... birds of a feather flock together //02:45 p.m.

uhm? this was actually an old archives page. just found it on my harddrive from my upsaid.com days, where they allowed more freedom with the page designs before they started charging for it, thought it was cute, adjusted the coding a bit, bang! new layout. yeh, i was getting a bit tired of that other one. it's been up long enough. but i was too lazy to start from scratch. atleast i didn't revert to recycling old layouts? well... old layouts from here anyway.

i've backtracked a bit to my manga days. the image is from an older minekura 1-shot comic called stigma. all the bird references are integrated in the storyline. i haven't read it in a while though, so i couldn't tell you how... really... er.. other than the people's names. the boy's name is... well... it's tit. it's a type of BIRD, in the case you weren't aware. y'know, because slang has ruined the english language for everyone. well, slang and raging hormones. i forget what the other guy's name is... or if they even mentioned it. stork? was that what they called him? let's just say it is.

this reminds me, where the hell did i put all my saiyuki books!?